Web Design Basics


For this project, an Illustrator mockup was made after a paper mockup. Then, the logos were taken out of the mockup separately and the background picture was put into Dreamweaver. Then the base code provided was altered to include our logos, links, and picture.

Paper Sketch:


Illustrator Mockup:


Splash Page:


Sample HTML and CSS code:


What I Learned:

I learned the basics of how to work with Dreamweaver, as this was my first time using this program. I began to understand some different positioning settings such as fixed, absolute, and relative. The workflow of this project consisted of watching online tutorials and getting to understand aspects of HTLM and CSS to use in Dreamweaver. Using this knowledge, I was able to insert the picture and logos. Getting the bar at the bottom of the page was resolved by seeking help from the teacher. This tutorial was watched to understand slicing.


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